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jae's wife-to-be in 2010
17 January 2026 @ 05:26 pm

this journal will be partially friend-locked from now on...
- all personal entries are locked. except for those that includes fun polls or surveys that MUST be shared with everyone ^o^
- all dbsk related posts will be unlocked

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jae's wife-to-be in 2010
14 February 2010 @ 12:53 am
HAPPY 21ST SHI!! she's a valentine baby! ahahaha! and HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!! lastly, HAPPY VALENTINES' DAY! esp to jae :)

wahahahah 3 greetings in one post. i'm chinese. and i'm working tmr. GEEEZ. because Universal Studios Singapore opens officially tmr!! woohooo! so does Resorts World at Sentosa Casino. so fellow singaporeans, please do come and see see if you're free. i'm SURE everyone has the cash since its CNY! ahem the ang pows....

fyi, i'm working in the theme park :) but its not as fun as what everyone think it is! i feel so cheated now LOL. if i had known it would be so hectic i would have stayed in procurement... oh well, its too late. i have to stay till next yr before im allowed to transfer anywhere else! till then, i wish everyone a prosperous and happy year ahead! *waves*
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jae's wife-to-be in 2010
31 January 2010 @ 09:26 pm
i can't believe i actually queued overnight!! FIRST TIME EVER. wanted to head down to the venue at 7am, the event starts at 1.30pm. BUT, my fren who was already dere said there was already A LOT of ppl and told me to come down now. after much discussion with my other fren, we both decided to cab down to the venue and OH EM GEE? its packed. like SUPER packed. i reached the venue at 2.30am++!! and i was #725. GEEEEZ. can u believe it? and this event actually only allows the first 1000 ppl to get their albums signed! ergh. in a sense, its luck that i went down early. but it was seriously gross la. luckily my fren let me sleep on her LOL. im the kind that needs to lie down and sleep no matter wad xD i queued and waited for SHINee for a total of 12hours ok. in the end got such a big disappointment as there wasn't any performance from SHINee :( thought i'll finally get to see Ring Ding Dong live! they came, said some words, Q&A session for like 5 mins?! and then the fansigning starts. i understand why because there was seriously too many ppl. after the 1000 ppl were admitted into the venue, the remaining totally flooded the whole mall! the emcee said we broke record for the number of ppl attending an artiste's fansigning event LOL. i mean its SHINee! the next best thing u can settle for apart from dbsk... the whole thing was so chaotic that a riot broke out? because those without queue number aka not within the 1000 were trying to break down the entrance and barge into the mall. it was hideous la. so many police came and all. in the end they all got barricaded....

anw each album can only be signed by ONE member and u cant choose who. its by scratch card. i got MINHO :) but i wanted Key. honestly, SO MANY PEOPLE WANTED KEY. after everyone who went in settled down, they started raising papers that state "I HAVE JONG, I WANT KEY" "ANYONE WANTS A TAEMIN FOR A KEY?" "I HAVE MINHO BUT I WANT KEY" blahblahblah etc... i wanted to trade too! but im a believer of fate u know LOL. since i scratched Minho i think that i'm fated to get him so i shouldn't change lol. there were quite a few who wanted minho as well but i refused to trade him unless its for Key. and Key was seriously scarce man HAHAHAHHAHA.

so my turn came and i went up to Minho. OMG. his skin is seriously flawless? and he looks like a doll! pretty yet looks too perfect for my liking. no offense but he looked plastic. cos he looks like a doll!! anw they all attempted to speak english to the fans. when i came up to him, he smiled and said hello, signed, said thank you and bye. all in eng LOL. cute in a way i guess... heard that Onew says kamsa hamnida though lol.

anw in summary, this korean weekend, i think FT Island showcase was the best thing that happened to me. i think cos of the overnight queuing, my mood went down drastically. i wasn't high at all. even when i was facing minho my heart didnt beat fast or wad. maybe cos it wasnt key... but when it was FT island i went crazy!! my heart was beating super fast la. i just have to say again, Hongki was so cute! HAHAHAHAHA. im sure if i gotten Key i would have been feelin much better, cos i really like him the most now! another thing that dampens the mood even more is that everyone was so tall! those standing in front. when SHINee came out, stood on stage, i couldnt even see minho. and minho is tall. geeez. oh and u'll never expect how much FANBOYS were present LOL. a lot i tell u. A LOT. i was quite surprised :)

anw all the fans present im sure majority likes dbsk as well cos u can see many mirotic concert tees HAHAHA. and su's and min's fans. i mean the fan u use to blow urself, not human fans.... ppl around was also saying if its dbsk this was gonna be 10x worse...
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jae's wife-to-be in 2010
31 January 2010 @ 12:33 am
omg today is the happiest day in January 2010 of my life!! even happier then my 21st birthday :) i went to FT Island showcase today!!!! IT WAS SO FUN! the whole showcase was supposed to start at 3pm and its FREE STANDING. but me and wendy only went at like 2.45pm? LOL. cos we are not really Primadonnas but more of Cassiopiean? HAHAHHAHA! anw we went, and because our tix is VIP we didnt have to queue at all! the whole queue was mega long when we reached there it was crazy. but we just cut through everyone and went to the booth to ask them "if we have VIP tix do we still have to queue here?" and they said "no, your queue is here, the VIP entrance" and there were zero people HAHAHA!

so we went in immediately. then we stood at the crowd. it was close to the stage but still not front row. and we're really short! but i wore my 4 inch heels today. learnt my lesson from ytd. geeez. and we asked the security person and they said there's the VIP area so we moved over. WOW. its on the podium ok! so we're like nearly half a chest taller then everyone else! and its super close to the stage HAHAHAHHA! omg im just really happy today la. Hongki sang so well, his voice is truly precious :) FT Island are so cute~! they tried to speak english all the way, esp Hongki! it was super cute >.< their english are improving i guess, i meant the emcee was like speaking english to them thoughout and they understood for the most part of it! there was a translator but she hardly spoke. LOL. except when to translate the korean to us. anw there were games besides the usual singing and the lucky fans who got picked (through ballot) had free mobiles and took pics with them.

after the whole event, the handshaking session starts. all who went in will have a colour tag tied to the wrist! diff colour represented diff members. and u wont know which colour is which member because the members picked the colour on the spot throught balloting again LOL. and since we're VIPs we have the VIP colour. at first the ppl didnt allow any VIPs to go on stage to shake hands with the members! i was like WHUT? we're VIPs why cant we go on stage! and there's this girl who cried like mad after that and we tried to console her LOL. anw anw anw, i then asked this waiter why VIPs cant go and he said he wasnt sure so i asked him to help me ask the person in charge and he did! so helpful ^^ really nice guy lol. he came out aft that and said they have another arrangements for VIPs and thats when everyone relaxed. and the girl immediately asked "do i look okay?" LOL cos she was seriously bawling her eyes out! cute.

all of them are seriously good looking! esp Seunghyun! the new member. he totally caught my eye HAHAHAHHA. but Hongki was really cute and interactive. in the end i shook Hongki's hand! and high fived with Jaejin since they were standing side by side. everyone can only shake one member, which is the colour tag on ur wrist. as i was the first aft i shook hongki's hands i was thinking "wad am i supposed to do now?" cos there wasnt anyone else on the stage! so all the members were kinda looking at me so when i turned i looked at  Jaejin and he smiled at me with eye contact, raised his hands to wave so i high fived him HAHAHAHHA. and he hit back! GAH HOW CUTEEEE xD

after leaving the place all the Primadonnas were waiting outside. so we waited as well. i mean its still early! LOL. so we waited! in the end we did get to see all 5 of them again. really upclose. i had to run in my 4 inch heels it was crazy la. but overall the whole thing was fun! a really big thanks to my colleague man. she got the free tix for me :) LOVE U HUISAN ^^

anw tmr will be going to SHINee's fansigning!! hopefully it'll be as good. though i doubt so as their fans..... geez. Singapore Primadonnas are really well behaved and friendly! today me and wendy talked to so many random ppl la LOL.

kk leaving the house at 6am to queue as only the first 1000 gets to sign and shake hands with ONE member again. geez. i hope i get Key. HAHAHAHHA. and we have to buy the album on the spot to get the pass! so now is a competition to see who gets to buy one of the 1000 albums...

FYI: Yellow - Hongki, Orange - Jaejin, Green - Minhwan, Blue - Jonghun, Red - Seunghyun
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jae's wife-to-be in 2010
26 December 2009 @ 12:37 am
woooot! it's 26th December 2009!! besides being boxing day (YAY all the presents!), it's also DBSK's 6th anniversary of being tgt!! CONGRATULATIONS BOYS!! i'll look forward to next yr, and the following yr, and the following yr, and the following yr...
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